We are a non-profit organization.

The purpose of this initiative is to help support families and causes across the world during these unprecedented times.

Virya Foundation has pledged to support many affected families in need and causes that donors can support. First, visit the “Families and Causes you can support” page to see who you can help, what they need, and how much money they need in order to face this crisis. Each card has a bar at the bottom that indicates their goal and how much has been donated that fills up as people donate. If the donor prefers not donating to a specific family or cause, they can opt to donate to the general coronavirus support. The causes that Virya Foundation supports, but not limited to, are American Red Cross and Protsahan Indian Foundation to further benefit their causes to support families impacted by COVID-19.

Virya Foundation takes due diligence and platform monitoring extremely seriously as part of our responsibility to make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity of receiving aid. We will ensure that the donor’s money is sent to the right hands specifically for the identified families that require support. We will only be considering families who have been referred by a reliable source.

Why we are unique?

Make Giving Easy

This platform enables donors to pick and choose which causes they would like to support, and gives them the ability to donate to as many causes as they would like. Donors will know exactly where their money is going and what it is being used for.

User-friendly platform

Our robust, user-friendly platform is an easy way to see which causes need more help. Donors can contact us to see how they can set up a fundraising page to raise money for projects or causes they’re passionate about.

Fast, free, and safe

Donating through Virya Foundation is an efficient way to help those in need during this time. Our secure payment through Stripe ensures that your money is going into the right hands. There is a 0% platform fee and 100% of the raised funds goes to the cause you have selected.

Easy to request support

Those in need of help also have the ability to reach out and see how they can receive support. We are open to helping those affected by Covid-19. Click the Apply For Aid button to learn more.